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Inventory Chaos

If you buy and sell products your inventory system is the most important tool that you have to ensure profitability. Most businesses get an off the shelf solution and tailor it to their business. The problem with this approach is that inventory mix and the way that it is managed is different with every business. Your business starts to rely on the skills and memory of key personnel and you create back of house processes and systems to fill in the capability gaps of your off the shelf system. As your business becomes more complex, your overhead in managing stock increases, and you end up carrying more stock than you need to meet customer demand because you do not understand the complexity of your stock transactions.


Custom inventory systems

Custom inventory systems solve all these problems by having the system work exactly the way that you want. These systems are expensive, and start from $50,000, but how much is your non performing stock, back of house costs, and lost sales due to poor pricing or service costing you.

Imagine being able to generate a competitive quote for a customer while you are talking to them. What impression are they going to come away with. Or to have an automatic warning when a key customer's sales drops by a predetermined amount.

Reporting is another advantage of custom systems. We want information not data. Make custom exception reporting the rule. This way you can understand exactly how your inventory is performing as well as what your customers think.

And finally these systems can be fully integrated into your CRM and accounting systems for further cost and service benefits.

MindVision Interactive has the experience to help find the right inventory solution for your business.

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why this makes a difference

  • Web based so that you can have access from any web connected PC, tablet, or smart phone.
  • You define the business rules.
    • Groups and categorisation
    • Different rules can apply to specific groups or product categories
    • Define tracking by product type or group.
    • Define input templates by product or group to ensure consistent data entry.
    • Define transfer, sale and reorder rules by product or group.
  •  Sales customisation. This can make a significant difference to your profitability.
    • Define what costs and pricing is visible by access level. Special rebates and actual costs can be hidden from some users to ensure that they work harder for an order.
    • Other rights can be assigned to a user, such as delegation limits, margin and product rules.
    • Much more control on pricing. Can use different rules for different products and product groups, but also by customer and customer groups.
    • Define spot override pricing by product or group. This is useful for product pricing that is market driven, and ensures that you make the most from your existing stock if your competitors are in short supply.
    • Customized access to sales history. During the course of a sale you can see the sales stats and margins, and previous pricing to this customer.
  • Report customization. Generate, periodic and ad-hoc reports on the criteria that are important for your business. Customize these by product, product group, customer and customer group.
  • Custom systems can be easier to use if designed well. Each product does not have to have a hundred fields and a dozen tabs for data entry. Only the information necessary for that product is displayed. In addition entry masks can be created to ensure consistent data entry and integrity.