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The world has moved beyond apps that make amusing sounds or present a hard to read brochure on a tiny screen.

Today, the world wants apps that provide genuine value and convenience to users or serve a specific purpose or process. Typically, this means an app that is supported by an online database and often a web based application as well. In short, ‘Apps’ have become an element in custom software solutions. MindVision has been developing custom software for over 20 years!

MindVision will design and architect your entire project from back-end database to user-facing App as well as your back-office admin system. For more information about MindVision custom software solutions click here.

When is an App not an App?

It is not unusual for clients to approach us about developing an iPhone or Android Mobile App, but in fact what they need is for their website to be mobile responsive or tailored specifically for mobile – a Web App. We’ll work with you on what you are trying to achieve and offer our best advice on the way forward.

Characteristics of good Mobile Apps

The clue is in the name: ‘mobile’ Apps. The most significant characteristic is functionality and ease of use for people on the move.

For people who regularly use a service an App can offer a more elegant and convenient interface on a small screen than a website. Large examples would be an airline or bank app. Smaller examples would be the apps that MindVision has developed for Saint Ignatius College or Certegy Ezi Pay.

Apps really come into their own when geo data, something native to a smartphone, is invoked. This can start with finding nearby services or facilities, such as the community Scout Group finder in the MindVision developed ScoutsOz app.

An outstanding use of geo data is exemplified in the EVA Emergency app, a tool to assist in managing the evacuation of a plant or facility in the event of an emergency, and accounting for all personnel. MindVision is proud to be associated with this very worthwhile service.

Learn more about App Development by exploring the FAQs below and then talk to the team at MindVision about your mobile App.

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How much does an App cost to develop?
For most people, this is one of the first questions. Unfortunately, it is also a question without a single easy answer! However, we will be happy to help you answer it for your project. Just like every other software project after an initial project exploration meeting the MindVision team will consider and provide an indicative budget and some parameters. If our indication is in the ball park for you then we can continue working together to flesh out and properly estimate your project.
How long does an App take to create?
App development time varies on complexity. Some simple apps can come out in a few weeks. However, as an App is generally part of a custom software development, a more typical time frame is in the order of 3 months.
Can I have an App built only for a tablet?
If your App is really for tablet only, you can simply focus on that platform and release it exclusively for tablet.

In-house tablet apps are popular for process and work flow management, particularly in companies with people in the field.

Web Apps vs Mobile Apps?
Developing a Web App can be a significantly lower cost option. A Web App requires only one version, not separate versions for IOS and Android. It is live, so no distribution and updating is required. Web Apps are also immune from forced maintenance due to updates to mobile operating systems. Web Apps are also often faster (and therefore cheaper) to develop.

On the other side, iPhone Apps and Android Apps are quicker to use and more responsive. Your App can often be sitting in the memory of the phone ready for instant use. To use a Web App the user needs to be connected to the Internet via WiFi or 3G/4G. Whereas a Mobile App may have the option of standing alone and possibly sychronising when connectivity is available.

Clearly there are factors in favour and against both approaches. The MindVision team will help you to decide the best course for your project.

Do iPhone and Android Phone screen sizes matter?
Once there were mobile phones and tablets. Then phone screen sizes began to get bigger! How your app behaves on larger screen sizes is up to you. It could be the same on all phones or you might take advantage of extra real estate when available. Within mobile phone Apps we generally recommend design decisions that flow nicely to use extra screen area but don’t incur extra costs.
Will my App work on both Tablet (iPad) and Phone?
You can choose to develop for tablet, phone or both. If your App really needs a tablet for maximum effect, it is best to start with that platform. With thoughtful design, your tablet App will still work on a phone, but things might be a bit small. You may choose to later add a specific phone version with different screen layouts.

Conversely, an App built for a phone may look huge on a tablet. Some people simply accept that. Others choose to use the extra real estate for something of value to the user. Adding extras to a mobile app for display on a tablet is generally simpler than redesigning the screens of a tablet app to work on a phone.

How much maintenance is involved?
Probably more than any other platform mobile Apps need love and maintenance. The underlying technology advances continuously, as witnessed by the procession of operating system upgrades in phones and tablets.

You might be familiar with how often Apps on your own phone update. If your App is relatively simple using only long established protocols and capabilities then maintenance would be reduced. However, you can still expect changes that will require a maintenance update.

If you fail to keep your App up to date, it will be dropped from distribution.

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