Exact Cleaning


In early 2015 we were approached by Exact Cleaning to help them with a system to manage their clients and processes. They had looked at a couple of CRM systems, and while these met some of their needs, Clients and contracts, there were other core processes that were not covered. If they wanted to use these solutions they would have to manage these via an external process. This was not what they wanted.

They looked closely at what they were doing and worked out a list of requirements then called us.


The first stage of developing a custom CRM is to understand the business. While a list of requirements is useful, understanding the business, the users and their specific needs helps with working out where effort needs to be spent for maximum return.

From MindVision’s experience, putting a number of department heads in a room only leads to more complexity with every persons needs and whims being included in the final design. By understanding the business at a fundamental level and reviewing the current processes, its possible to cross these boundaries, and in many redefine the processes for more efficiency.

Getting all the stakeholders to agree on the scope and functionality is most difficult part of any custom CRM system and this is where most of the time needs to be spent to get the most out of your new system.

Once these have been agreed to by the stakeholders, the system can then be built. CRM’s are not difficult to build, there is little or no technical risk, and once everyone has agreed on what is required development proceeds very quickly.

Exact Cleaning wanted to manage in a single system,

  • Client information and contacts
  • Contracts and renewals
  • Staff information including licences, accreditations, clearances, and client inductions
  • Recording and reporting on Jobs and charges
  • Equipment records and recording and scheduling electrical safety testing
  • Reporting

None of the above requirements is special or unique, but the combination and integration is. This is the power of a custom built system.

Click the link for more information on custom software development or for custom CRM software.

We are very pleased with the customer service and assistance we receive from Mindvision. Always helpful with suggestions and solutions to improve our data base processes.

Our new data base system was implemented smoothly meeting our specific requirements and consequent amendments dealt with as needed.

Very professional data base experts and a pleasure to do business with.

John Dente

Managing Director, Exact Cleaning