The end of your search for the right CRM

You’ve discovered that there are hundreds of different CRMs out there. SO why is it so hard to find the right one to match your business?

CRMs began as a database tool to manage and administer the efforts of a large sales or support team. Think of a room full of people cold calling on phones or a customer service call centre. No operator talks to the same customer twice, so they need to record copious notes on each interaction for the next person to follow. 

If this sounds like your business then there are some good products available. 

However, if you are a small to medium business where sales or support are tasks shared by several people and it is not their only role, then the software you need has to match your business, not text book sales formulas.

  • Do you struggle to maintain your revenue line?

  • Do you know how much is in your sales pipeline?

  • Are you sure that you have enough work for your team next month?

  • Can your customers buying decision take a long time? 

  • Are sales opportunities missed because you and your team are too busy or distracted.

  • Is repeat or future business important to you?

  • Is delivering a service an important part of what you sell?

There’s light at the end of the tunnel

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Imagine If…

You never lost track of a sales opportunity

Do you kick yourself because you let an opportunity get away. You were so busy that you didn’t get back to the customer and then you forgot about it and then so much time had passed that it would have been embarrassing to call. Sound familiar?

What about the customers who make an initial “fact finding” enquiry but won’t really be in the market for a few months or even next year. You tell yourself that you should touch base in a few months so that the customer doesn’t forget you – but does it happen? With a CRM you will be reminded. In fact it can even automatically send emails for you.

Make the most of every sales opportunity. Your CRM will remind you and keep reminding you until you complete the next action. And sending an email to stay in touch is as quick as clicking a button.


Your business didn't depend on you

Is your presence critical to your daily operations? Could you take a month off to sit on a beach in Spain? Good software can preserve your way of doing things and ensure that your way is used every time. Along with that, your people are empowered to make decisions (within boundaries) and get on with things without the need to check with you on everything.

And imagine if you could take your iPad to that beach resort in Spain and be able to see at a glance how your business is going (sales and delivery), and be able to offer comments or tips for your people back home if they are needed!

Your customers always have a great experience

When you spend $10 on eBay you receive an immediate email confirmation, followed by an invoice, followed by a shipping advice, followed by a delivery advice to say your package is coming, and finally an advice to say it has been delivered. And then you get an invitation to provide feedback.

As the customer you are kept in the loop every step of the way. How does the experience of your customers compare with what they are being taught to expect?

How many disgruntled customers could be prevented with great communication?

How much time and money would you save if you had an automated system that kept everyone on the loop?

Your people weren’t wasting time on spreadsheets

Does your business try to run on spreadsheets? Does someone spend time every day updating a spreadsheet to track enquiries, sales, deliveries, jobs in progress and more?

The trouble with spreadsheets is 

  • they take time to maintain
  • They are not “live”
  • They don’t interpret and react to the information they contain

Even with a spreadsheet it is really easy for things to get missed!

You could see the status of everything – 24/7

Do you have to spend time each day checking on the status of jobs? Do you have sudden thoughts at home realising that you forgot to check on something? How good would it be if you had an online dashboard that told you the status of everything? Even better you can access the dashboard wherever you are 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

You knew about problems BEFORE they happen

Do you waste time solving problems in a hurry and pacifying customers because something hasn’t gone according to plan? How much better would it be if you were alerted to possible problems before they become a problem? If a job hasn’t reached a certain stage by a nominated date you could be emailed that it may need attention. You’ll have a chance to put things back on track before there is any noticeable impact and your customers will never be unhappy!