Get Vibrant!

Big data project for health and well-being

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Two entrepreneurs approached MindVision with a dream of the most comprehensive online wellness management and weight loss system designed for nutritionists, personal coaches to use to help their clients Get Vibrant.   A big data solution called Get Vibrant! was born and has continued to evolve over several years. MindVision has taken the vision and translated it into a world-class application that today still has no equal. Incredibly sophisticated algorithms produce meal plans and exercise plans that bring huge smiles to the faces of dieticians and exercise physiologists.



At the core of the system is a massive food item database and for every food item up to 144 nutrients are tracked. From food items comes Recipes – thousands of them! Every client has particular energy targets and macro and micro nutrient requirements. The challenge for Get Vibrant! is to prepare attractive meal plans every week – that’s where the really Big Data comes in. For every client, our solution prepares 3,000 meal plans every week and then uses a genetic algorithm to select the best one. The result is meal plans that are ALWAYS within 1% of the energy and nutritional targets, even after considering food allergies and dislikes. No other system in the world (that we have found) comes close.

Healthy living is more than just proper eating. Exercise plays a big role as well. Get Vibrant! also generates exercise plans every week for designed to hit the energy burn targets of individual clients. Add in understanding of occupational energy burn, a food and exercise diary, automatic meal plan adjustment to compensate for the excesses that we all have occasionally and you have a winner. If the energy in is less than energy out if you will lose weight!

Sounds simple? We haven’t mentioned the oversight by a panel of health professionals, online training for consultants, user defined recipes, healthy living teaching for clients, and a partner/franchise program. No wonder Get Vibrant is a project that MindVision is proud of!

In our business MindVision is more of a partner than a contractor. From concept to realisation, MindVision has consistently delivered flexible and creative solutions to our endless requests for ‘more power here’ and ‘extra whatsits over there’. The staff’s attention to detail and constant availability means we can (and do) pick up the phone to discuss any ideas or issues as they arise. This close personal attention has resulted in the development of our class, and world-leading IT solution.
Michael Smith

Director / Exercise Physiologist, Get Vibrant! Pty Ltd