Stainbusters came to us at a time when their 15 year old system was struggling to meet their business needs and had started affecting their business administration efficiency as their entire business was based around this system.


The Brief:

The brief was very simple. They wanted the exact same functionality that their current system had, but completely rebuilt on a more scalable and robust platform. A part of the brief was that they want a system that was bug free and would let them operate their business smoothly without it causing any issues.


The Solution:

We took the brief very seriously since the client’s business was dependant on this system, and without a solid system they would lose money. Our team got together and organised a Skype call since the client was based in the Gold Coast. We went through a detailed briefing session and then documented the entire conversation into a Specification Document, which was shared with the client before we started any development work.

The client was very excited as they sensed a very professional approach to the entire development process and gave us a go ahead to start work based on the Specification Document we presented. Our team has initially estimated 6 to 7 weeks for complete development of the system, but since we understood the client’s urgency we managed to build the system in 4 weeks. The client then took a week to test and the system was live in 5 weeks.


The Future:

The client couldn’t have asked for a better service and is now decided to promote the system to other franchises within the parent company. This has really boosted our sales numbers, but what is most important in this case study is that we created yet another happy client and we will continue to take pride in our ability to help and support our clients and their business goals.

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