mindvision solutions to

Grow your bottom line

with improved efficiency and effectiveness

With MindVision as your partner, we can analyse your business and processes, and align these to your business goals and objectives.

From this we can develop a technology strategy that will help reduce your costs and make you more competitive.

We don’t have to re-invent the wheel, upgrading and enhancing what you already have is sometimes the answer, but if it’s not, MindVision can help with a custom solution that works the way you do.

mindvision partners for

Great new ideas

turning great new ideas into reality

You have a vision – we have the minds to make it a reality. We relish in the creation of new concepts and helping realise our partners' ideas come to fruition.

Nothing is impossible, and there are no bad ideas. MindVision will keep your idea confidential and our many years of experience will help you start your journey.

mindvision solutions to

Grow your top line

new markets and customer empowerment

Advances in today’s technology can appear mind-boggling and intimidating. MindVision can assist you in remaining at the forefront of the advances within your sphere of online activity.

We regularly analyse what is happening in your market, with your competitors, and online trends, then present you with opportunities to be a market leader.

mindvision solutions to

On-line Learning

efficient and effective training

Online training and e-learning systems are a speciality of MindVision. We believe in sound pedagogical principles and like learning that is fun and engaging.

Our Learning Management Systems are easy to use.  You can create content yourself or we can create it for you.

We’re really proud that our digital training systems are used across Australia and internationally.

How we can help you

Our projects

Challenge: 1999 How to get a jump on the market

Oxfam has always been innovative. In 1999, OxfamShop approached MindVision for help on how they might sell their products on this new fancy thing called “the Internet”. Thus began a partnership that has endured for over fifteen years.

From the first “toe in the water” e-Commerce site all those years ago, OxfamShop Online has evolved into a sophisticated e-Commerce system with warehouse integration, custom behaviour and support for marketing tools based on Oxfam’s business model. Oxfam’s online store is now a significant part of their retail strategy, a journey started with MindVision in 1999.

Challenge: 12,000 people in a residential event for 10 Days

MindVision developed the event management system to enable large events with multiple locations, managers, and budgets to be managed efficiently with full management visibility of every stage.

big data solution for community engagement

A totally unique site specially developed by MindVision to enable the community, educators, students and historians to upload, learn, engage, and record millions of pages on a basis that will preserve the memories and stories of Australia’s service men and women forever.

custom systems to deliver services to members anytime, anywhere

MindVision has had a long association with Scouts in Australia and has been alongside them throughout the technology and communication revolution. Starting with a website and dialup access service in 1996 through to very sophisticated systems today to manage, communicate, train, share, and serve.

As a result, Australia is respected as leading the Scouting world in harnessing technology.

enterprise class content management system

A long time ago (back in the nineties in fact) AHEIA approached MindVision for help with a website. As you would expect that site has been redeveloped many times since, but each evolution is made much easier with a flexible content management system custom developed to meet unique client needs. Secure interaction and access control delivers content to multiple levels of membership, staff, and the public with advanced notification to members of content changes.

big data solution for health and well being

Two entrepreneurs approached MindVision with a dream of the most comprehensive online wellness management and weight loss system and Get Vibrant! was born. Over several years MindVision took the vision and translated it into a world-class application that today still has no equal. Incredibly sophisticated algorithms produce meal plans and exercise plans that bring huge smiles to the faces of dieticians and exercise physiologists.