Last night we hosted our very first Social Media Adelaide MeetUp. Social Media Adelaide is a Meetup group that has been around for a couple of years , however the former organiser had recently stepped down and our digital marketing specialist Amy has stepped up as organiser, with Mindvision as the sponsor and venue host.


The focus of the Social Media Adelaide group is to bring together social media marketers in Adelaide to share and collaborate on social media marketing best practice, new technologies, new platforms and to share ideas and knowledge freely. The group has diverse members ranging from small business owners looking to learn more about social media marketers to very experience digital marketers.


Our first Meetup we managed to get Knackmap founder Joshua White to talk about his experiences as a social media marketer as well as a demonstration on his social media planning and scheduling tool Knackmap.


The first Social Media Adelaide Meetup


Top Takeaways: 

Customer Service is paramount: People cannot be left unattended. Amazing customer service = Happy Advocates

Social Media Marketing needs to be about your bottom line, if it’s not helping your bottom line then why are you doing it?

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Pre workshop beers and chats
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