When it comes to software solutions for your business, there are a lot of different options out there. In this blog post, we consider whether off the shelf solutions should be left on the shelf when it comes to small to medium businesses with non standard processing.

Cost-effectiveness and ease of use

Whilst an off the shelf solution (or subscription software) might, at face value, seem like a much cheaper option for your company, it’s likely that, in the long run, the resultant changes you’ll have to make to your systems will end up costing you more money. Off the shelf software may be better for the complete novice, due to being designed for generic ease of use and already featuring most of the functions the average user will require. However, for those companies who require technology that is a little more refined, choosing a custom software solution is a far more foolproof option.

Why choose custom software?

Custom software allows companies to fully integrate the ideas and processes that make them unique into the software, ensuring they have the edge when it comes to customer service and system automation. It’s designed to help your business grow by utilising advanced internal processes for customers and staff.

Custom software can also achieve greater document control, due to tools refined exactly for the data you need to store, and improved decision-making, thanks to data mining and exception reports. Custom software takes away all of the inefficiencies that tend to occur with off the shelf software, due to the inclusion of personalised tools designed to equip your business perfectly for the daily tasks and problems usually faced during the working week.

A round-the-clock solution

Even when the working week finishes, custom software solutions don’t stop working hard for you. If you choose the right software development company, your custom software will be hosted and monitored externally 24/7 for complete peace of mind.

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