What kind of SEO services do you need?

Depending on the kind of business you run, and where your potential customers live will depend on what kind of SEO you need. Once your technical SEO is all in order the next port of call is deciding on where your target market is and how you can best reach them or focus on an integrated strategy. Deciding on whether you need a local, national or global SEO or strategy will decide on what digital marketing you will need to undertake.

Local SEO 

 Local business who only needs to focus on people in your local state?

  • Take control and optimise your Google Map Locations for your physical business.
  • Focus on ranking for your state or city
  • Optimising your site and content for local SEO
  • Local link building and citations

Factors to consider:

  • Easier to rank locally than it is nationally or internationally.
  • Generally, there is less competition for ranking in local search
  • Search Engines like Google now provide local results depending on your location ensuring users get relevant search results.

National SEO 

Need to rank Australia wide? Need to turn your local business into a nationally recognised brand? Are you potential customers or clients searching for you all over Australia?

  • National link building and citations
  • Optimising your site and content for National search
  • Bulk location uploads, verification to Google Maps
  • SEO friendly content creation
  • Keyword Research for your market – simple queries and long tail search terms eg. Pizza v best pizza restaurant in Adelaide

Factors to consider:

  • Ranking nationally is more difficult that ranking locally depending on your keywords or key terms.
  • National rankings are very competitive

Global SEO

 Are you a Global brand? Do you offer services or products to people all over the world?

  • Global link building and citations
  • Content

Factors to Consider:

  • Global SEO is very competitive and is a long term strategy that requires a consistent and aggressive approach.


What is your SEO strategy?