If you manage a Facebook business page you might be interested to know more about the latest changes that have been rolling out. Some changes include; how business pages can like and interact with other pages, how you view your news feed and more. Check out Social Media Today to get your head around the basics.

Personally I think this is a strategic move by Facebook to get as many agencies and businesses over to ‘Facebook Business Manager’.  In my opinion business manager is still a little clunky and cumbersome for the everyday user. It can be time consuming and confusing swapping from one to the other and most social media managers that I have spoken to aren’t loving it. That being said new features are being added all the time and I don’t think it won’t be long before there will be no other choice but to use it to manage your business page.

Facebook is adding new features all the time with a very interesting addition of a CRM (customer relationship management) function. The CRM currently has the ability to make notes and add keywords on individual Facebook likers. With relationship tracking and building such a critical part of the sales process, as well as a huge business expense its not suprising that Facebook would head in this direction. Also, let’s face it Facebook already owns more personal data then any other business in the world. Who better to offer targeted information and services to businesses, there isn’t a company in the world that could begin to compete.

The Amy Who? Prediction

My prediction is we are going to see more CRM functionality added.  There has also been whispers about Facebook Messenger being developed into workplace communication tool. I think the possibility of Facebook becoming the biggest CRM in the world is very likely. They could take over huge cloud based software companies like Salesforce and Hubspot. Facebook will be leveraging their access to big data and using it to offer a service that other SaaS companies could only dream about.

Facebook is also so forward thinking its already looking at AI and bots. This technology is fast becoming the reality for our society, threatening to become the biggest disruption we have seen in modern times. Check out Mark Zuckerburg’s Facebook for Developers keynote speech to see just how far into the future Facebook is planning.