When the boss got interested in SEO and Social Media he decided to develop an experimental website to experience first hand the trials and tribulations of getting noticed and succeeding in the digital world. He loves to travel and so a blog site called www.50somethingtravel.com.au was born.

The first challenge for a new website is being noticed and then ranked by Google. 50somethingtravel.com.au was launched in June. So far the only promotion has been via Facebook. The site has been seeded with a good selection of stories aimed at various keywords.  A matching YouTube channel has also been created.

Over July to September more than 60 travel stories from Europe have been planned, nearly all supported by video embedded from YouTube. The stories will be promoted on Facebook in a way to encourage traffic to the website. After the burst of destination blogs, up to 100 articles on the art of travel have been identified, along with oodles more destination stories, photos, and video.

In other words, the blog will soon be content rich and worthy of visitors. But, we know that just having great content isn’t enough. Google has to think that you have great content or you’ll never appear on page one.

The SEO and digital marketing team at MindVision will be using all of their skills to develop this new online venture. It is a definite challenge. Let’s face it, the web is absolutely full of travel and travel related websites – all trying for Google prominence. For this experiment, we are in no hurry. We are happy to try only one or two strategies at a time so that the effect of each move can be evaluated.

We’ll post another blog in the future with a status update. In the meantime, please visit www.50somethingtravel.com.au If you are interested in travel you’ll love it. And if you are not “50 something” yet, don’t worry we won’t tell anyone.