Custom CRM: Software that works the way that you do

Whatever type of business you have, managing customer relationships and processes is integral to your success and continued growth. A custom CRM tailored specifically to your business can give your business a head start on your competition. It’s not just about client and sales information, a custom CRM can manage all your processes, including warehouse, job and service history, managing staff and equipment, all in one integrated solution.

Off the shelf solutions are available but these can be expensive to buy and to customise. Platforms are also available for a monthly fee and these seem attractive initially, but the fees add up as your business grows or you need to add additional users, and end up costing more than a custom system.  They are also complex because they are trying to cater for as many different types of businesses as possible and will not necessarily be a good fit with your business. 

If you are a small to medium business often the best and most cost effective solution is to have a CRM built specifically for your needs. It will be much simpler to use, do exactly what you need it to do, and integrate into any other systems you might need. In addition the total cost of ownership will be much lower than leasing an enterprise class CRM.

Mindvision has been providing cost effective custom CRM solutions in
Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth for over 20 years.

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