Free Strategic Workshop  on YOUR business

Spend one hour working ON your business not IN your business.

This workshop is for the owner or CEO of the business. Trusted managers are welcome to join in, but no-one knows the business like the principal.

How does it work?

We will setup a video conference – you can do the workshop from the comfort of your own office.

The workshop will…

  • Explore the capacity of your business to scale.
  • Explore the obstacles to scaling
  • Explore opportunities for your business to be less reliant on YOU.
  • Identify ways to excel in customer relations
  • Identify the most common points of failure
  • Identify the most expensive points of failure
  • Explore opportunities to prevent failures
  • Explore Team thinking and tasking
  • Consider the key data you need to manage your business


You will gain…

  • Clarity of how your business can move forward
  • A clearer understanding of the pain points in your business
  • An awareness of possible avenues to alleviate the pain

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Imagine If…

Imagine if your customers had a great experience all the way

When you spend $10 on eBay you receive an immediate email confirmation, followed by an invoice, followed by a shipping advice, followed by a delivery advice to say your package is coming, and finally an advice to say it has been delivered. And then you get an invitation to provide feedback.

As the customer you are kept in the loop every step of the way. How does the experience of your customers compare with what they are being taught to expect?

How many disgruntled customers could be prevented with great communication?

How much time and money would you save if you had an automated system that kept everyone on the loop?

Imagine if every time a job stage is completed the tasks for the next stage are created and assigned to the right people

That’s right! Completely automatically. When the materials have been ordered a task appears for a few days hence for someone to confirm that they have been received. And when they have been received a task appears to commence the work. … and so on.

Nothing falls through the cracks and the job is always with someone to progress.

Imagine if you were alerted to problems before they become problems

Do you waste time solving problems in a hurry and pacifying customers because something hasn’t gone according to plan? How much better would it be if you were alerted to possible problems before they become a problem? If a job hasn’t reached a certain stage by a nominated date you could be emailed that it may need attention. You’ll have a chance to put things back on track before there is any noticeable impact and your customers will never be unhappy!

Imagine if you never lost track of a sales opportunity

Do you kick yourself because you let an opportunity get away. You were so busy that you didn’t get back to the customer and then you forgot about it and then so much time had passed that it would have been embarrassing to call. Sound familiar?

What about the customers who make an initial “fact finding” enquiry but won’t really be in the market for a few months or even next year. You tell yourself that you should touch base in a few months so that the customer doesn’t forget you – but does it happen? With a CRM you will be reminded. In fact it can even automatically send emails for you.

Make the most of every sales opportunity. Your CRM will remind you and keep reminding you until you complete the next action. And sending an email to stay in touch is as quick as clicking a button.


Imagine if your people weren’t wasting time on spreadsheets

Does your business try to run on spreadsheets? Does someone spend time every day updating a spreadsheet to track enquiries, sales, deliveries, jobs in progress and more?

The trouble with spreadsheets is 

  • they take time to maintain
  • They are not “live”
  • They don’t interpret and react to the information they contain

Even with a spreadsheet it is really easy for things to get missed!

Imagine if you could tell at a glance the current status of everything

Do you have to spend time each day checking on the status of jobs? Do you have sudden thoughts at home realising that you forgot to check on something? How good would it be if you had an online dashboard that told you the status of everything? Even better you can access the dashboard wherever you are 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Imagine if when someone is away, you could see what they were supposed to do

We live in a world of computer based calendars and task lists – and that works well… mostly. The trouble comes when someone is sick or on leave and you don’t know what they were supposed to do that needs to be covered.

Good workflow management will tell you exactly what they had on their plate and you can decide whether to reassign the tasks or if they can wait a few days. You have a team of people… let them work as a team!

Imagine if your business could scale and grow without fear

Many businesses fail to grow because they are already at the limit of the owner’s capacity to keep on top of. The fear is that adding more business will result in mistakes being made, stuff falling through the cracks simply because there is a limit to how much one person can keep in their head. 

Software can not only capture your way of doing business, a workflow system can also force every job to follow your way. Rather than having to check up on every job every day, the software can tell you if and when you need to be concerned.

Even better, it can tell you clearly where everything is at and how much more you are making compared to when everything had to be in your head!


A CRM should be all about YOUR business – not someone else’s.