Painless Software Roadmap

Project Exploration

Meet with the MindVision team to explore what your business needs to grow. The our team will analyse it all, prepare a design outline and estimate the project. 

Project Exploration: Project Workshop, Analyse, Design and Estimate, Development Proposal

Define the Detail

A 4 hour workshop to flesh out the detail and the features that your software will need. With the extra detail we will review and confirm (or adjust) our original estimate as the basis for your formal commitment.

Define the detail: Feature definition workshop, review and confirm estimate, project commitment

Touch it and Prove It

We develop a clickable concept version of your software. There is no better way for everyone to gain a clear understanding of what it will be! In a half-day workshop we will work together to refine the features and business rules to exactly match your business.

Touch It and Prove It. Clickable concept development, Review Workshop,  Specification Refinement

Build, Test and Launch

With the clarity from the refinement workshop the MindVision team build your real software. You will be involved along the way with practical use testing and suggesting tweaks to make your software even better. After testing is finished, your software is launched and your business immediately benefits.

Build, Test and Launch. Code Development, Testing and Launch

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