Custom Software by the Month

Wouldn’t rather not borrow funds or spend available capital to get the software your business needs?

An emerging alternative is software for a monthly fee. Common examples include software for CRM, project management, accounting and task tracking. Software is licensed under various models including number of personnel, turnover  and number of users.

Sounds great? The problem is that you are stuck with software that doesn’t match how your business works – you have to change to match the software.

MindVision has taken the pay-by-the -month concept one step further with CUSTOM Software by the Month. Twenty years of R & D has resulted in systems and code libraries that can be used to assemble a fully customised software application that exactly meets unique customer requirements – at an affordable monthly fee.

We call it…

Painless Software

  1. Low cost of entry means that the software can be had immediately, rather than when funds can be secured and allocated.
  2. Business capital is conserved
  3. Software rental is fully tax deductible (whereas capital has to be depreciated over several years)
  4. Includes all hosting fees
  5. Includes all maintenance fees
  6. Known fixed cost per month gives bill certainty
  7. Flexibility to add further features by adjusting the service contract
  8. Particularly suitable for new or rapidly growing enterprises for which software will support growth.
  9. No loan applications or business case development required.
  10. Greatly reduced implementation and staff training cost, because the software matches how you work.

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