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The Way we do Business


MindVision uses a live development environment. As soon as a programmer checks in his code, it is compiled and available for review by other team members and importantly by the client. Clients can see what is emerging and provide immediate comment and feedback.

MindVision’s timesheet and billing system provides a fully transparent view of what work that has been done and what remains outstanding. Equally importantly, it gives a detailed comparison of progress against budget for each task. Clients have full access to this system via a web interface.

Time Based Billing for Outcomes

Throughout your project, MindVision will render invoices on a weekly or fortnightly basis, based on actual work completed. There are many benefits to this approach including:

  • Invoices are a true reflection of actual work and all work invoiced can be evidenced easily on request.
  • Our invoices keep you, as the client, aware of how much (or how little) work is actually being done on your project. This means that MindVision can't put your project to one side while working on something else.
  • Time-based billing keeps the project "outcome focused". All effort is on achieving the end result rather than debating whether something is "in scope" or "out of scope" and therefore chargeable.
  • Because all actual work is charged, there is no need to build in the "budget padding" that is normal in a fixed price model.
  • Smaller, more regular payments help our cash flow and yours.

Share the Risk Guarantee

The biggest worry in software development is cost blow out. Unless you are big business, you simply cannot afford for it to happen. That's why MindVision offers a Share The Risk Guarantee. 

It's quite simple. If our estimate proves to be low, then all work over budget will be done at half-price.

Think about it… it is a plan that encourages MindVision to be as accurate as possible with its estimates!  Of course, for us to guarantee our estimate in this way it has to be based on a reasonably detailed functional specification.

MindVision's Share the Risk Guarantee is designed to protect our clients and give them peace of mind.

Clear Ownership

Ownership and copyright of finished software is very important. At MindVision we strongly believe that what you pay us to create for you, should belong to you. Surprisingly, that is not the usual way of things. At MindVision we want your ongoing business because you like us - not because you are locked into a contract or licensing agreement. 

Our clients are always free to take the source code we have developed for them and engage someone else look after their needs. In business, it's important to know that you always have the choice.

Our Tools

Tempest and Manticore

You need a custom application fast, bug free, and at a reasonable price. Tempest and Manticore are MindVision’s "secret weapon" for rapid application development.

It guarantees a quality, robust product every time. Through the use of highly-refined programming templates spanning multiple programming languages, Tempest cuts typical development times by half to two thirds. The result is faster development, lower development costs and very high reliability.

Over 14 years, MindVision has built up extensive code libraries. Some library code can be literally dropped in and work, while other library code forms a template for adjustment to the specific requirement. In both cases it provides rapid and economical software development for clients.


Omega is a job tracking and management tool developed by MindVision. All our partners are given access to this system via a web interface, because we believe in partners, not clients. It shows the work that we have completed, as well as what is scheduled. You can also add any new tasks yourself.

Omega gives us transparency and accountability. Nothing can be hidden which means that you can rest assured that we are working for you.


Collaborative development and rapid approval of visuals and concepts is aided by MindVision’s Viewport. The Viewport is a web-based application that records discussion on ideas and preserves everything for future reference.

Site Director

Do you want an Content Management or e-Commerce system that can grow with your business and be deployed rapidly. Site Director is MindVision's solution. Developed in house to meet our partner's needs, we can easily customise it to work the way you work, rather than you changing your processes to suit your system.


MindVision uses SVN source control. All work is committed to this source code repository which allows the easy recovery of code as at any date or revision. It is this source control that also makes it easy for MindVision to supply partners with archive copies of the source for their project.


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