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custom software

Every business has processes that it needs to manage. Each of these take time which means that they cost you money and become an additional cost of doing business. This all comes off your bottom line.

Your staff get frustrated by having to enter information in multiple systems, or having to create spreadsheets or a paper based system to manage the process. Mistakes a made, costing more time and money, and affecting your companies reputation. You know its a problem, but it still gets the job done, and you don't have the time to flow the process and come up with a solution.

MindVision as your partner, can map these processes for you and work out how they can be optimised and what tools offer the most cost effective solution. Sometimes we don't offer you any solution, just mapping the process is often enough to highlight problems and redundancies, and you can still use your existing systems after modifying the process.

Custom web applications also enable you to profit from the delivery of new products and services, or the delivery of existing services in a new way. Some examples of people seeing an opportunity and providing a custom application to deliver a service are, 

 On Line Auctions  -  Dating  -  Social Networks  -  Printing  -  Games  -  Health

MindVision Interactive is very cost effective at providing custom solutions because we have our own rapid development and deployment systems as well as expertise in Ruby on Rails development environment. This means that we can deploy a system quickly at a significantly reduced cost compared with developing an application from the ground up using traditional environments.


what can it do for you

Internal Processes

  • Integrating various legacy systems through one common interface
  • Custom software solutions for specific processes. eg sales, quoting, or production
  • Customer systems. Appointment, lead, contact, and followup
  • Any process that is costing you money, we can map and provide a solution

External Processes

  • Specialised e-commerce solutions
  • Integrating your systems to that of your supplier
  • Logistics management

Decision Making

  • Management Information systems. Mine data from multiple sources and systems to produce reports that will help you understand your business
  • Exception reports that give you information out of the noise

Document Control

  • Systems for archiving and retrieval of any documentation. How much time does your business waste on POD, storage and retrieval of information
  • Systems for managing all of your controlled, quality and OH&S documentation

Service Delivery

  • Systems to improve the customer experience or to provide a new service.