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Content Management

You have a web site but everytime you need to make a change you need to go back to your developer. Apart from the cost, it slows down the whole change process which can lead to lost opportunities. Now imagine if you could manage all your content from any web browser, any time and from anywhere.

Welcome to the world of content management systems (CMS).

Our CMS systems also enable you to create and manage Blogs and Galleries. You can also create and manage forums or run on-line questionnaires.

Imagine how an enterprise class content management system could improve your operation. Contact MindVision now to find out more.

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At MindVision we have been delivering content management systems for over 10 years. Systems that can take you from a single page site to thousands. Our systems are enterprise class and can be customised to work the way that you want. Some of the features include,

  • Scalable to any size from one page to thousands.
  • Easy site and content administration via a simple to use web interface. Make changes when you want from wherever you want.
  • Can have public access to information where anyone can access the information on your site, or secure access for sensitive or private information. In addition to this you can have multiple secure areas. You could for example have one secure area for staff, another for wholesalers, and another for customers. This gives your business amazing flexibility with 24/7 access.
  • You can maintain the look and feel of your site through custom templates. This means that you can decide what elements can be changed and what can not, leaving your users  free to concentrate on content, secure with the knowledge that your site will look the same regardless of who adds the content.
  • Our systems enable you to have multiple content authors each with different privileges. For example you can appoint the HR manager to maintain all your policy and HR documentation on line. The sales manager to look after the public content, and the operations manager to look after the internal content.